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Alcala CPA PLLC is a CPA firm providing a wide range of accounting and tax services for businesses and individuals. To us accounting is exciting and not just because we love crunching numbers. We view accounting differently than most – as an opportunity to join forces with business owners just like you so that we can use our skills to help your business grow.

We listen to and get to know each client. As an experienced CPA firm, we know that situations can change quickly. When those changes occur, we’ll be here for you, whether you’re a business or an individual.

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We are excited to join you on your business journey and set long-term goals for your future growth. Your growth is our growth, so we take your business personally, and we do it with personality. For quality accounting services from a team of experienced, solution-driven professionals who are ready to listen to you, call us at (915)593-2255 now and request a consultation to get started.