Tax Preparation Services

El Paso income tax preparation

It’s tax time and you feel like the IRS is coming to get you?

You have no idea how much you are going to owe in taxes?

Is your tax preparer or accountant telling you how much to pay, but you don’t understand why so much? 

Many business owners fear tax time. Trying to make sense of confusing forms, wondering what deductions you qualify for, and dealing with complex calculations can all weigh heavily on an unexperienced tax preparer. 

Take the pressure off by hiring us as your experienced tax accountants.  We will eliminate the frustration and worry that can come with filing your taxes by accurately preparing your business and personal tax returns for you. We will make sure you get every tax credit and deduction you qualify for while avoiding potentially costly mistakes with the IRS.  

Our CPA firm specializes in tax saving for all types of businesses including S-Corps, C-Corps, and Partnerships. We will look beyond compliance to find ways to save you money. We dig deep to make sure your business gets every appropriate tax break so you pay less taxes and realize higher profits. 

We will also create a tax strategy that works year-round and helps your bottom line!  

Tax Returns

You can't get our level of service from online tax software! When we prepare your tax return you'll be confident that you won't hand over one dollar more than you truly owe. Call us now at (915)593-2255 or request your consultation online to get started.

  • Quicker tax refunds with E-file
  • Business tax preparation - corporate, LLC, etc.
  • Individual tax returns
  • Multi-state tax preparation for businesses
  • Estate tax return preparation and filing