Food Service Accounting Services

El Paso restaurant accounting

Do you know if your restaurant or bar is operating at the correct gross margins? Are you withholding the correct amount of taxes from employee cash tips? Do you know if you are complying with the complicated sales and mixed beverages state tax reports?

At Alcala CPA PLLC, we understand the restaurant business and know that accounting practices in your industry differs from most others. Our skilled team can help make sure nothing boils over while you’re busy cooking up your dreams. 

From how to handle tips to which accounting method to use, or the best way to manage inventory, we understand the specialized accounting services that your business needs and we are here to help you make it a success. 

Our CPA firm offers clients a full menu of customizable accounting services. We can help you manage the unique aspects of the restaurant industry and any unexpected events that occur and impact your business. 

We work with everyone from full-service restaurants and laid-back bars to curbside culinary delights, and can guide you on the best accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services for your business.  

Our goal is to maximize profits and limit liabilities so more profits hit your bottom line.

Accounting for Restaurants and Bars

Don’t let accounting tasks gobble up your time and keep you from running your business properly. Call us at (915)593-2255 now and request a consultation through our website now.